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2-piece drop hammer for sampling and testing incorporated in mast assembly with hydraulic cylinder giving 7000 kgs ppull-back for recovery of casing and sampling tools. Mast assembly can be detached for remote operation in restricted access locations.

With the powerful two-speed hydraulic rotary head, the Terrier is capable of a wide range of rotary drilling techniques including:

  • Augering

  • Tricone roller pock bits

  • Down-the-hole hammering

  • Diamond core drilling

Hydraulic power pack

Hydraulic system powered by 16HP water-cooled diesel engineprovides power for drilling, rigging and tracking services.

Drill mast assembly

Fabricated welded steel box section construction, hinge pin mounted to main supersctructure, hydraulically reaised and lowered.

The whole mast assembly with wheels can be detached from the main superstrcuture for operation remotely in restricted access locations.

Drop hammer

Two-piece Drop hammer runs on two guide bars. The weight is fully guarded and can be quickly changed for either SPT or Dynamic Probing standards


Purpose built crawler chassis with rubber tracks fitted with tilt mechanism to allow rig to operate vertically on slopes inclined up to 30p from horizontal

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